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Team Talk, Vol. 2

We wanted to highlight our recently designed Vertical Drop Lifter for this week's Team Talk.

Magnum engineered VDLs for the beginning of a Body Shop Framing line. The design is for a 1500 kg live load, which includes a machined base on the lower level. The VDL places an empty pallet on the precision base, and a robot loads a floor pan onto the pallet.

At the end of the framing line, the completed truck cab transfers to a separate skid, a 2nd VDL lifts the empty pallet to an overhead mezzanine, and Magnum-designed roll beds return the empty pallet to the beginning of the line. Magnum is also designing the Pallet to Skid Fork Transfer with an Auxiliary Lift.

If you're interested in learning more about what other projects Magnum Consulting has worked on, visit:


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