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Team Talk, Vol. 1

Last month we mentioned that Magnum Consulting would like to share more about what we are working on and give our customers a better idea of the variety of services we provide.

We want to introduce you to a new series we're launching called "Team Talk." This series will allow us to provide monthly updates that share insight into what projects we've been working on at Magnum Consulting and how we may be able to support your projects in the future.

Our team is working on an exciting new project to support four robots from the same floor-mounted structure. The robots will be automating multiple processes in our customer's facility. The structural design includes frame analysis for deflection control of the robots during operation, as well as stress considerations for possible seismic loads. The robot bases are machined for flatness and easily assembled for integration in the fabrication shop before shipping.

Want to learn more about other projects Magnum Consulting has worked on? Visit our Projects page at:


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