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Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineering team designs large, complex structures using the latest engineering software and technology. We utilize various materials to accommodate our customers’ needs while providing cost-effective solutions. Our engineers have extensive knowledge in accommodating structures for machines, conveyors, and other heavy industrial equipment. Let us help you design or modify any structures you may need. 

  • Pre-Development Engineering
    Conceptual/Proposal System Drawings Process Validation Cost Analysis of Proposals Conveyor/Equipment Selections Conveyor Equipment Health Survey
  • Bid and Specification Development
    Scope Development and Evaluation Project Cost Estimating Project Scheduling
  • Project Management
    Project Reviews Audits Document Controls and Tracking Financial Tracking Phasing Layouts Migration Plans As-Build Drawings Manuals Training Project Close Out
  • Construction Support
    Punch List Development Installation Oversite Construction Support Services
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