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Conveyor Health Assessment

A conveyor health assessment process intends to identify any parts or systems needing replacement, repair, and/or adjustment. The work can be done by your internal trades departments, an outside vendor of your choice, or Magnum can recommend a vendor to you. Any outsourced engineering or design work required, Magnum Consulting would appreciate the opportunity to bid on the project.

Pricing varies based on the following criteria:


Conveyor Type

The complexity of each conveyor system can vary. Conveyors with higher complexity require additional time and resources.


System Size

The larger or longer the conveyor system, the more time we have to spend analyzing the conveyor.

Small Chain Conveyor .jpeg

Assessment Requirements

Our customer's goals can change on a case-to-case basis. Some reports require more attention than others.

Conveyor Health Assessmen

Conveyor Health Assessment examples available upon request*

Magnum Consulting will provide a third-party, unbiased conveyor inspection. Our commitment is to provide you with an honest, straightforward, and detailed health assessment of your conveyors. We have highly experienced conveyor professionals available who can provide advice on how best to maintain conveyors to maximize conveyor longevity.

Magnum is not trying to sell you unnecessary components or maintenance services.


We are not providing worst-case scenarios in a written report. The primary focus is on the general condition and operation of the mechanical conveyor components to determine the sustainability of the current system. 

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