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Magnum Reunited

Working from home presented plenty of challenges for everyone during the COVID-19 shutdown. One of the most difficult challenges facing Magnum Consulting employees was being away from their team. “It was hard to work from home,” said Andrew. “I used to enjoy being able to walk over to my coworker’s desk to ask questions, which would then lead to a conversation. That is one of the many things I missed while working from home, the connection.”  

Andrew Barron is one of the newest full-time members of Magnum Consulting. Soon to be graduating from the University of Michigan—Flint with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Andrew worked his way from an intern to a full-time Design Engineer.   

After returning to the workplace on June 15th, Magnum employees were finally able to reconnect with their team. “It was nice to catch up with everyone and learn how they made it through the quarantine,” Andrew continues, “Having everyone back in the office was like a breath of fresh air.”  Returning to the office also made it much easier for employees to feel like they could get back to normalcy. Andrew explains, “I find it easier to maintain a healthy routine, and this has had a positive impact, not only on me but my family as well.”  

In retrospect, Andrew acknowledges, “I realized how important it is to work as a team, especially as an engineer. Being able to share ideas easily is essential when designing because it sheds light on things I may have overlooked. The power of a napkin sketch while at lunch with fellow employees is severely underrated.” 


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