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Happy Holidays from Magnum Consulting!

Magnum Consulting will host a virtual food drive for Gleaners Community Food Bank. If you wish to participate, visit Magnum Consulting's Virtual Food Drive before 1/2/23. We thank you for your business and wish you and your family the best this holiday season!

Gleaners' mission is to provide metro Detroit households with access to sufficient, nutritious food and related resources. Gleaners can provide three meals for every dollar donated, helping them reach our community's children, seniors, veterans, and other neighbors.

Gleaners collects and distributes over 34 million pounds of food annually, providing more than 28 million emergency meals to our neighbors in need.

How it works: Food is donated by major food processors and retail chains, collected through food drives, or purchased by Gleaners at deep discounts. The food is then brought to a Gleaners Distribution Center to be inspected and sorted by thousands of volunteers. Gleaners distributes the food to more than 510 partner agencies throughout southeast Michigan, providing pantry supplies or prepared meals directly to hungry people. Those partners include pantries, schools, shelters, senior citizen centers, and soup kitchens.


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