Mechanical Engineering

Material Handling Systems

We offer engineering services on a number of material handling systems including:

  • Overhead and Inverted Power and Free (OHPF and IPF)
  • Friction Drive Conveyors
  • Monorail and Pendulum Systems
  • Chain on Edge (COE)
  • Unibilt
  • Skid and Pallet Conveyors
  • Powered Roll Beds (PRB)
  • Slat and Flat-top Conveyors
  • Skillet Conveyors
  • Aisle Transfers
  • Fork Transfers
  • Vertical Device Lifter’s (VDL’s)
  • Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Automated Guided Carts (AGC)
  • Automated Monorail Systems (AMS)
  • Electrified Monorail Systems (EMS)
  • Baggage Systems


  • Bridge Rails and Enclosed Track Systems

  • Part Carriers

  • Checking Fixtures

Chain Pull / Drive Design

Magnum analyzes existing chain systems to determine why excess wear and tear is occurring to a conveyor. We provide Chain Pull analysis for concept conveyor systems to determine feasibility. By providing chain pull analysis for new conveyor systems, we can determine ideal drive and take-up locations.

Chain pull is the amount of load a chain conveyor sees, and how much power it takes to operate said conveyor. By relocating vertical elevation changes, horizontal turns and loaded/unloaded portions of the conveyor, we can reduce the chain pull. Leading clients to require a less powerful/costly motor, which also limits wear and tear on conveyor components.

Customers experience a longer lifespan of conveyor/components, less maintenance, and fewer equipment costs.

Cycle Time Analysis

If a conveyor system is waiting for an up-stream system to catch up, that conveyor is not efficiently operating. If a conveyor system is having to run much faster to keep up with a down-stream system, that conveyor will be subject to extra wear and tear.

Magnum can analyze associated speeds, capacity, and run-times on existing material handling systems to determine opportunities for increased capacity. By doing so, we can determine ‘bottlenecks’ in the system and diagnose reasons for less than ideal efficiency.

Cycle Time Analysis allows clients to run their systems faster for more throughput. It may also allow systems to run at a slower pace causing less wear and tear on your equipment.

Finite Analysis

FEA is instrumental when it comes to part/vehicle carriers. FEA can show weak points in designs, and where to improve the design to work with real-life conditions.

Magnum can provide Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by using Autodesk Inventor to run dynamic simulations, stress analysis, and frame analysis on product models.

FEA uses computer-simulated models to show how a product will react when subjected to forces, vibrations, heat, and loading conditions. FEA can show where the product’s weakest point is, and if it will fail when subjected to real-life conditions.

We create designs for pallet systems, chain on edge, OHPF, IPF, Monorail, Pendulum, AGV, AGC, and many other equipment/conveyor systems. If there’s a company out there that knows how to get anything from Point A to Point B, it’s us.


Structural Engineering

Support System Design

  • Conveyor Support Steel Design

  • Truss supported header steel and sub-structure design

  • Bracing system design

  • Column, baseplate and anchorage design

  • Complex connection design

Mechanical Structure Design

  • Elevator and lifter structure analysis

  • Part carrier structural design

  • Structural design for torque overloads

Structural Inspection and Review

  • Site review of structures

  • Connection review

  • Load analysis studies

  • In-depth reports

We specialize in creating safe and cost-effective structures. Floor-supported? Truss-supported? We’ll support your every need.