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We exist to solve our clients' issues. We provide a variety of solutions to help organizations achieve their vision, optimize productivity, and prioritize safety.

What services can we provide for you?

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Mechanical Engineering

We create designs for pallet systems, chain on edge, OHPF, IPF, Monorail, Pendulum, AGV, AGC, and many other equipment/conveyor systems.

Structural Engineering

We specialize in creating safe and cost-effective structures. Floor-supported? Truss-supported? We'll support your every need.

Electrical Engineering

Magnum can prepare detailed electrical schematics using AutoCAD or ePlanP8 software. Our detailed drawings will ensure quick and accurate controls installation.

Program Management

Need an engineering consultant for your next project? Magnum Consulting operates as a team to focus on your operational needs and challenges. Our abilities generate superb options and ideal solutions for your project’s schedule, budget, and quality goals.

Conveyor Health Assessment

Magnum Consulting will provide a third-party, unbiased conveyor inspection. Our commitment is to provide you with an honest, straightforward, and detailed health assessment of your conveyors. We have highly experienced conveyor professionals available who can provide advice on how best to maintain conveyors to maximize conveyor longevity.

Becoming Part of Your Team

As an extension of your team, we apply our knowledge to reduce your capital investment, reduce your operation costs, and improve efficiency. Magnum Consulting's highly trained and experienced engineering and program management team have worked in numerous industrial environments.


We apply unbiased engineering and technical solutions to meet, and in most cases exceed, our client's goals and objectives. Based on hundreds of years of combined experience, our staff is able to provide unique solutions by the application of established, as well as non-traditional, technologies to our diverse client network.


Today, all of our customers are charged with doing more with less. We help them meet their goals of providing quality products with less capital and limited resources. Whether your requirements are small or large, we have the talent, resources and dedication to help.

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