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Our Mission:
To truly Team with our Customers, early in a project’s life cycle, in order to gain a complete understanding of what the requirements are to satisfy a project’s objectives thereby allowing Magnum to deliver creative, cost-effective solutions that enable successful implementations.

Company Overview

Conveyor Engineering Company founded in September of 2003 by Jim Gubala and Sean Flinn.

Solid working relationship with several major automotive conveyor company's in the North America

Supplier to Chrysler, GM on a direct basis

Integrated services offered through Strategic Partnerships

Our Vision

 Magnum maintains an industry-wide reputation for consistently delivering on the promise to provide high quality engineering services and technical support…on time and competitively.
Our value, performance and teamwork inspire our Customers’ enthusiasm which, in turn, provides repeat business opportunities as well as the security that enables controlled growth..
Magnum is a process centered organization that is committed to continuous improvement, employee development, knowledge management, proper application of technology, structured project management and a relentless culture for servicing our Customers.
Magnum is a profitable organization that engineering professionals seek to join in order to learn, grow and fulfill their personal goals…all while contributing to the Company’s success.


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