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Our most important goal is to team with our clients and better understand their core necessities and goals.  This creates a shared vision of what quality processes and extraordinary results look like. Below are some examples of the work we’ve done - take a look, and get in touch to learn more.


Automatic Systems Inc.
GM, Spring Hill

Magnum provided engineering studies, designs, and fabrication details for carriers, auxiliary lifts, and fork transfers. These designs supported the addition of new vehicles within the plant. The project required coordination with General Motors corporate, General Motors Plant personnel, and various contractors.


Automatic Systems Inc.
Ford, Dearborn

Provided engineering, design, and coordination of an EMS carrier for a new Ford Vehicle. EMS carrier had integrated vehicle detection switches, integrated arm actuators for loading and unloading, and a body shifter for decking the vehicle onto the chassis.


Treva Automation: Kuka
GM, Wentzville

Lead controls hardware design. Our team also provided electrical designs in ePlanP8 for new cells and tooling. We added new robots and tooling stations to accommodate new vehicle models. Created kits for existing robots and tooling stations to provide detailed instruction and bill of materials for replacement and addition of controls devices. Provided all necessary power calculations and checklists as required by the customer.

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Mechanical parts on a barrel

Versa Handling
Tooling White Steel

Provided design and detail of support steel systems that hung all the new line-side tooling and utilities to build the latest model. Engineering included sizing of support steel members, field checking existing interferences, and coordinating with the fabrication shop. Engineering also included the design of a floor support structure for the BSR booth allowing workers to drive a full-size pickup over the structure into the work station.


GM, Lordstown
Tire & Wheel System 

Replaced outdated tire and wheel delivery conveyors to a new CDLR conveyor. Provided layout and design of new CDLR sections, and coordinated between customer, installer, and third-party equipment supplier. Also designed and detailed falling parts guard, conveyor support steel, access ladders, and walkways.


Central Conveyor
FCA, Belvidere
Paint Shop Upgrades

Updated/Upgraded conveyors in paint shop to support the launch of a much heavier and larger vehicle in the Belvidere Assembly Plant. The project involved splitting conveyors, re-routing conveyors, adding new chains, drives, and take-ups, widening falling parts guard, and upgrading support steel.


Central Conveyor
General Motors
Flint Assembly Plant

Designed full layout of new trim skillet system including friction drive placement, lift placement, time cycle studies, pit layouts, and tool rail structural support system. Provided screen guard and support steel design for the new Unibilt Instrument Panel system. All designs fabricated and installed for daily production use.


Panel Conveyor

Engineered two 4” monorail conveyors for a new instrument panel conveyor at a local DMS manufacturing facility. Engineering included a unique single post support system requiring an in-depth analysis of the structure and related anchorages.


General Motors
Arlington, Chassis
Extension Project

Provided project oversight for the development and installation of inverted power and free chassis conveyors. Magnum assisted with project planning, schedule reviews, and on-site construction support. Magnum also provided daily progress reports and safety reviews to prospective customers.


General Motors
Lake Orion Carriers

Provided design and detail of carrier and carrier transfer. Changes required to run the new product through all body, paint, and general assembly systems. Engineering included a rework of chassis clamshell carrier, PTT overhead carrier, etc. Reworks also included new product touching details for the end of arm tool (EOAT) on the paint shops underbody sealer robots.


York, PA

Magnum provided path layout, support steel layouts, and screen guarding layouts of the new "frame line" conveyor system extension. Magnum also provided detailed fabrication drawings of track components; new drive addition, floor support steel, and building header steel as well as chain pull calculations for the entire system.


Genesys Systems Integrator
Ford Cuautitlan

General Assembly Rework 

Provided engineering services for the rework of several automation systems required to start the production of a new product. Engineered two overhead power and free vertical drop lifters that can pull a product off an AGV or set the product on a flat-top. Other tasks included a rework of the skid system, chassis overhead power and free system, flat-top shuttle, and skillet fork transfer.


Acco Systems
Hyundai, India

On-site investigation of pre-treatment OHP&F conveyors was necessary to identify why track and components were wearing out. Inspection of carriers, straight track, turns, vertical curves, and analysis of carrier loading patterns and maintenance procedures reviewed. A final written report developed to itemize suggestions for replacement and elimination of further wear on systems components.

Mechanical parts on a barrel

Central Conveyor
General Motors, Hamtramck

Provided 3D engineering services utilizing Solid Edge software for two body shop carriers. The owner provided part profiles in 3D, used to develop the carrier design. 2D shop fabricating drawings were created and prototype carriers also built for the owner’s approval. Design and detail of Carrier Positioning Devices for the Load /Unload Stations were also provided.


Honda, Alabama

Designed and detailed full car slat conveyor. The conveyor allowed the vehicle and workers to stand on the slat while working on the car. Pit layout and cross-section developed to coordinate with the architect. Head and tail sections detailed and fabricated as one large section to allow shipping and installation. Intermediate sections detailed to accept any cover plate and support steel.


JP Cullen
DCX, Belvidere

Magnum provided steel design and details to an existing 6” OHP&F system to bring the hanging centers within corporate guidelines. 90 bays of conveyor were field checked to determine where extra steel was required. Field measurements taken while on-site by working in the trailer to ensure the accuracy of the new details. The material was then ordered, fabricated, and installed in a satisfactory and efficient manner.


FCA, Windsor

Developed design layouts and details for the new Headliner Decouple project at the Daimler-Chrysler Windsor Assembly Plant. Responsibilities included: path layouts, cross-sections, conveyor component details, header steel layouts and details, kip load calculations, conveyor chain pull calculations, and field checking.

Mechanical parts on a barrel

Ford, Chicago

Provided engineering services to layout and detail, cross transfer, power roll beds, and 2-strand conveyors in the body shop. Field checks to verify existing conditions were necessary to rework components and place new conveyors in their proper locations.


Acco Systems
Ford, Norfolk

Provided detailed engineering services to rework existing vertical lift conveyors in the paint shop. All shafts, bearings, and sprockets replaced to fit with the existing framework. New “pallet” style VLC chain installed to provide efficient transfer of skids on the lifts.


General Motors
Spring Hill
Assembly Plant

Provided layout development for a new product produced through the General Assembly processes. Starting with ASRS requirements, we determined storage cubicle for paint bodies. Working with GM manufacturing and industrial engineers, the GA layout was then created. Work stations, aisles, dock utilization, material delivery, and storage were all taken into account. Carrier and cross-section prepared to help with work heights throughout the production and delivery paths. Bid specifications developed to define specific conveyor requirements. Pre-award clarification and review of drawings supplied to continue involvement.