Electrical Engineering

Hardware Design

Magnum designs the electrical wiring for industrial controls systems. We can provide electrical schematics from panel wiring to complete system packages. Our detailed drawings help ensure quick and accurate installations.

Component Selection

Schematic Drawings



Magnum prepares detailed electrical schematics using ePlanP8 software. Not only are we experts with this software, but we can also alleviate the financial burden of software and licensing expenses our customers would otherwise incur.

Control Panel Design

Magnum designs electrical control panel enclosures and internal wiring to control and power devices. Whether it be to lower costs, provide future scalability, space-saving, or easily accessible components for equipment failure, Magnum can recommend standard or custom enclosures to best fit our customers' needs.

Installation Supervision

We verify that installation is properly completed, timely, and our customer is meeting their budget. Successful coordination between plant staff, mechanical engineering, trades, customer and production schedules is essential. Our help ensures material management, deliveries, and manpower requirements are met.

Field Checking and Analysis


Magnum can prepare detailed electrical schematics using AutoCAD or ePlanP8 software. Our detailed drawings will ensure quick and accurate controls installation.